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2 KEYS / 2 ANTHEMS DJ Khaled

BY Lenor Munster

After a week of teasing on all platforms the DJ, record executive, social media personality, song writer/ producer, Dj Khaled has announced he will be releasing his 12th studio album. Reviling that the album with be self proclaimed with the headline name “KHALED KHALED” With huge anticipation by the fans and social media of two OVO featured singles “POPSTAR” & “GREECE.” At midnight eastern standard time on July 16 or 17 th on the east coast the two singles dropped and made a uproar on all platforms.

The two singles focusing on the uprising and success that rapper Drake has experienced in his

career so far as well as a “new generation POPSTAR” the featured rapper Drake highlights his range as a multitalented artist with both singles switching over from singing to his rap demeanor. With a visual beautifully put together by: Ivan Barrios. A Miami native that went from criminal justice major to major photo/videographer.

Khaled went on to post on his Instagram that the love between the WTB x OVO family is a “side A side A” team.

With both singles out I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on not only the visuals. But the first released content of a new anticipated

album from dj Khaled. Dropping his very first album back in 2006 called “listennn...the album” which had went gold. He went on to put out many more albums with multiple songs in the number one spot, top ten spot as well as the billboard hot 100 charts overall. I’m sure we can expect some exciting features following with all the social interaction to keep us updated along the way. I’m personally looking forward to see what gets sampled next by the DJ. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with news on this album and all parties involved.

With all the hype & love

LenorMunster ️

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