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100 Days: Countdown To The 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival

The 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop festival is almost 3 months away and the anticipation is building to see if Respect The Underground can throw another successful festival while continuing to grow and expand their reach. Respect The Underground announced a few days back that the headliner for this year is none other that Arizona's own, the Hip Hop pride and joy of the grand canyon state, Futuristic. With the combined momentum and success of RTU and Futuristic the festival would already seem to be in good shape with 100 days to go until the doors open and the first artist grabs a mic.

But the momentum of the entire community is noteworthy and deserves to be highlighted as well. Arizona Hip Hop has received a lot of attention in between last years festival and now. Futuristic dropped a highly acclaimed and well received book and his most diverse album to date. Bag of Tricks Cat benefited from the publicity that a misstep by a car dealership and a major entertainment company caused when they backtracked on allowing him to use the logo of the dealership in his artwork for his latest release Felix Shevrolet. Vee The Rula dropped Konfetti, a top 10 charting album worldwide. Dann G continues to make his case for the new king of Latino Hip Hop with his highly acclaimed album Luna and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Mega Ran has accomplished so much this year it would require its own article but lets just say hosting PPV events is not too shabby.

Besides Futuristic and Vee The Rula, these artists rocked the stage last year and that is not even mentioning Will Claye (being featured on WSHH), Delly Everyday (doing what his name says and setting records), KT Gipson (releasing music with Juvenile) and many more artists that have grown and accomplished a lot in 2019. With the aforementioned group and many amazing up and comers its going to be a surprise if the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival isn't another smash success.

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