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10 Tips For The Best Festival Experience

Hello festival fiends. We are in full festival mode and the only thing hotter than the temperatures this summer have been the lineups. With only 98 days until the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival we decided it was time to share our some hard-earned lessons of festival frolicking. While there are countless numbers of tips and insights to help with your festival going experience we narrowed them down to our top twenty. Let's get to it so you can get back to the festivities.

1. Synch Bags or Fanny Packs: Don't be shy. Grab these convenient bags and throw all your gear in them. These will help make it easier to purchase food and merch as well as allow you quick and easy access to your tickets, camera, cellphone, etc.

2. Ear Plugs: Even though you go to the festival for the music you don't want to come home with hearing loss, especially the festival fanatics that prefer to be close to the stage. Ear plugs will help a lot.

3. Sweater/Jacket: The weather can be unpredictable so you should pack a light jacket or sweater to help keep you comfortable.

4. Bring a portable power bank: If you like to use your cellphone or electronic devices a lot then you should definitely consider a portable power bank to help keep them charged.

6. Wear comfortable shoes: We all want to look good when we go out but we also want to have fun and there is nothing fun about having to leave early because your footwear wasn't adequate for the activity you chose.

7. Don't just go for the music: Festivals are full of so much more than music and performances. Food vendors, visual artists, small businesses, local talent and many other attractions populate festivals and they should definitely be a big part of your festival to do list.

8. Take cash: Some vendors don't have card readers.

9. Zipper pockets are your best friend. Anything you happen while you're at a festival and you don't want to lose anything in the process.

10. Use a photo of your face as your wallpaper for your cellphone and add your festival mate's number(s) in case you lose your phone: Someone can call your friend to return your phone even if its locked.

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